live. laugh. love.

musings of our golden world, nice and warm with the occasional explosion of kisses. wicked awesome!


rainy days...and sunshine..

sophie.... she left us on the 20th... she was 14.

We'll be missing her loads... ("rest easy, big girl."- cameron's dad)

Cameron had a sleepover with us! love having her around! Cant wait to have her over! 

Cameron and Aurora were also sick for abit... Doc says it might be some contaminated food they had..(possibly from this "tea-lady"!) 

They were given a jab... and are feeling much better... 

Amber had gotten pigtails! to counter Aurora's "attacks".. =) They adore each other.. =) 

met a new friend at the park, Bobo.. hope we'll be seeing more of him! adorable little maltese...

have a good weekend ahead..

to sophie...

Love, Maggie Mia