live. laugh. love.

musings of our golden world, nice and warm with the occasional explosion of kisses. wicked awesome!



mia mia        &       Maggie

and Friends!

Mia's mama: Pretty yaya!

 (Mia mia among the pups!!)

 mia's only sister- Quinny!! 

Amber Ooi- cutest, sweet shitzu girl! shes just 4months older then Mia

Krystal!!!-- long tongued westie girl...

Mia's best friend!!! Cameron!!! love her!! nonstop fun!

Lucky! he's like a little big brother, always giving way to us!

Maggie's Favorite boy, Amigo! he super smart, brings his own leash,toy and papers for his mama.
and he loves maggie tooo!!

one of my human's fav photo of mia's bestie and her sister!
Cameron, her dad and Aurora!! 

lol....Aurora looks viciously at the spoon behind the camera!

more playmates coming soon!! 
Miggie and Mia mia