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hello back!

Its been awhile! Hi again!!
Amigo's in the house.. :)
yes, and we celebrated Snowball's birthday! It was awesome! he turned 3 and we too celebrated our birthdays!

mia is 2 and miggie is 8.  Many more woof days to come.

More updates in the coming days! 

and SNOWBALL, the gentle giant!
we love him.. 

We went for a hike in the park today, and Amigo barked at Baobao, a dual eye coloured husky. Silly boy even chased Baobao and had a mouthful of Baobao's fur..  I thought I saw Baobao walk away calmly (seemingly shaking his head!) lol..

kk.. got to go.. more updates and plenty of pics coming! 

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