live. laugh. love.

musings of our golden world, nice and warm with the occasional explosion of kisses. wicked awesome!

my humans!!

the bunch of people i get to play with and order around!
nettey!! my godma whom i loveee..
she drives me to sentosa for a swim whenever she can!! And Oooo the snacks she brings whenever she visits!

my nana!! gives me massages, combs me hair and protects me!! -and 'forces/tricks' me into taking vitamins!

amber's mama!!! She gives awesome gifts!!! and her papa's always looking out for the kids i can terrorise! n saves them...humph!

pretty picture of Amber's mum and fav. boy, Amigo!

Weili!! Girl girl and family's rescuer/ new mum!
She's always helping to look out for Mia, and she's so smart!

kimberly!!! Krystal's hooman! She thinks I'm CUTE!

and then there is johnson, single parent of cameron and aurora!
he absolutely adores Mia! (little disturbing at times... lol) but we love his company! (possibly definitely the fastest human runner and furthest ball launcher! - the only one who can catch up with the girls)

(hi all, it's maggiemia's exclusive hooman.
i started this blog because i wanted a place to share the fun times and memories i have of the girls. Esp after close dear friend's passing (murfy)... Besides, my short-term memory is failing me, so this is a great alternative. We have so much fun together and made many great awesome friends along the way, i cant really ask for more.. I want to fill their lives with so much happiness that they take it for granted! yea...this is life..)

and then there that annoying hooman that calls me the LOVE of her life! eeeew.. n sneaks up and kisses me a dozen times over! Im really happy to have little mia to share the kisses!!

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