live. laugh. love.

musings of our golden world, nice and warm with the occasional explosion of kisses. wicked awesome!


never a day without.

The Girls donated blood today.. Mama is so very proud of them. Mia cried alittle but she was so brave. Maggie walked right into the room, eager to begin.. more soon..


hello back!

Its been awhile! Hi again!!
Amigo's in the house.. :)
yes, and we celebrated Snowball's birthday! It was awesome! he turned 3 and we too celebrated our birthdays!

mia is 2 and miggie is 8.  Many more woof days to come.

More updates in the coming days! 

and SNOWBALL, the gentle giant!
we love him.. 

We went for a hike in the park today, and Amigo barked at Baobao, a dual eye coloured husky. Silly boy even chased Baobao and had a mouthful of Baobao's fur..  I thought I saw Baobao walk away calmly (seemingly shaking his head!) lol..

kk.. got to go.. more updates and plenty of pics coming! 


rainy days...and sunshine..

sophie.... she left us on the 20th... she was 14.

We'll be missing her loads... ("rest easy, big girl."- cameron's dad)

Cameron had a sleepover with us! love having her around! Cant wait to have her over! 

Cameron and Aurora were also sick for abit... Doc says it might be some contaminated food they had..(possibly from this "tea-lady"!) 

They were given a jab... and are feeling much better... 

Amber had gotten pigtails! to counter Aurora's "attacks".. =) They adore each other.. =) 

met a new friend at the park, Bobo.. hope we'll be seeing more of him! adorable little maltese...

have a good weekend ahead..

to sophie...

Love, Maggie Mia


friends (bikini edition!)

Wat a Monday! We went to the beach with so many friends! It was amber's first time to the beach! She was not very happy at first, but she soon realize the joy of digging and running on the sand!

sky cleared up after a drizzle! 

Amber enjoying the breeze..

Krystal was hesitant at first... 

look what kimberly found!!! (a tiny squid!) 

Mia retrieving the squeaky toy! 


amber turned out to be a great swimmer! 

best friends!

 "I didnt just dig my face into the sand... really!..."  :)

Amigo n Mia! 
Cameron and aurora! (cameron has something u her sleeves!)

Keep the toy away from Mia! 

It was such a great day!! we had so much fun,and the beach all to ourselves! 

We ended the day with a watermelon feast! 

hope my friends have as much fun as I did! 

lotsa fun and laughter,
Maggie Mia


sophie in the house!

Its been a packed week! oh man...non-stop action!
we went to the beach, with girl, cameron and OH-Rora! so much fun!! Cameron was apprehensive about the waves... but wat a girl! She overcame it and she's swimming so well now! yay!
Aurora, is simply fearless, she hopped right into the water! All the furkids enjoyed themselves! happy!

Oh, and sophie's staying with us for a couple of days, her mum went for camp... She a feisty little old lady! Its nice having her around, but we've got to be gentle with her! She's 14! But boy, does she have good appetite. 
She's taking a nice noon nap..

So did Mia! 

 (sleepy maggie)

girl came to visit in the evening!

lotsa fun and love!
Maggie Mia


happy days!

We celebrated krystal's hooman-kimberly's birthday today!!

her super nice folks!!

 her birthday cupcakes!!
evil hoomans!! 

Krystal and us waiting for our treats!!! yay!

Happy 15th Birthday!!! kimby!!