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sophie in the house!

Its been a packed week! oh man...non-stop action!
we went to the beach, with girl, cameron and OH-Rora! so much fun!! Cameron was apprehensive about the waves... but wat a girl! She overcame it and she's swimming so well now! yay!
Aurora, is simply fearless, she hopped right into the water! All the furkids enjoyed themselves! happy!

Oh, and sophie's staying with us for a couple of days, her mum went for camp... She a feisty little old lady! Its nice having her around, but we've got to be gentle with her! She's 14! But boy, does she have good appetite. 
She's taking a nice noon nap..

So did Mia! 

 (sleepy maggie)

girl came to visit in the evening!

lotsa fun and love!
Maggie Mia


  1. OMD, what fun, and great photos! The pictures of Cameron are SOOO cute!


  2. Boy, this looks fun! I used to love (when I was younger) to swim in the river. Brings back lots of fun memories.

    Your pal, Pip

  3. See you at the beach again on Monday.

    Maggie and Mia!


  4. I love your napping position Mia - looks like you all had a lot of fun!