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maggieee, dilly dee dee

i wanna share some of the names my human has "affectionately" forced on me..

originally: maggie.... (maggie chua mei ling!!)

has evolved to

1. dilly

2. dally (no relation to 1)

3. lily

4. merry

5. dairy!! (wat!?)

6. daris

7. deris (yes, its slightly different from 7)

8. bur bur (variation of bb, baby)

9. boo boo

10. meeli

11. dee dee

12. melly (nana says it sounds like smelly, which im not!)

13. eely

14. mei lee

15. neely

16. deely

17. mei mei

18. sweet heart

19. boooby

20. gee gee

21. jelly

22. jilly

23. milly

24. yi yi (aly's fav)

sometimes, 2 names are called in hope that I respond in a shorter time or with more fervor. :/
I always try to patronize them in any case... (after being called 5 times in varying pitches)..
Most times... my names will come attached with "love you berry much"! ... and a dozen kisses... yucks!

Cant wait for Mia's collection!

Mia Mia!!

and then there's Girl Tan and her humans!

Girl getting her fav tickle!


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